www.10000miles.de Young Journalists On The Road
soon online and on air Leaving traces and being traced in Web and TV they report their whereabouts, invite
to share their encounters with people, famous or infamous as they come.
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The Journey
  • Along the three-month-trip ‘doors’ will be opened as metaphors for thresholds and borders, of the Inside and outside, of secrets unveiled. These doors are entries into private spaces and droll little worlds. Emphasis is placed on a daily portrait of someone special in one way or other.

  • Daily reports: A route will lead the team throughout German regions, urbane and rural areas. Both a familiar and a yet unknown country is presented for a good look in the crew’s travel stories using photo and text, audio and video simultaneously.

  • Life is Live: In our understanding the concept of personalized publishing renders a well-witted examination of the journalistic activity itself part of the job. Which demands to go beyond a mere presentation of a finished product but to allow insight in the process of the production too. The result can be a Live Soap at it’s best to which users may contribute in various ways, which they co-produce as hosts or guests.
The Bus
  • The crew will be living in mobile homes and will be working in a converted city bus fully equipped with state of the art multi media technology. They will produce proof of the thesis, that both perspectives and make of journalistic work begin to change in the age of an ever proliferating publication platform principally accessible to everybody who is ‘wired up’.
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PROPOSITIONS   Working with new communication technologies, specifically so with the project “www.10000miles.de”, the producers first had to formulate both motive and raison d'être of the project – along and against vast numbers of media studies.

These propositions guided the work:
- Nothing is really new, but everything is open.
- Metropolis as well as village instead of just a global village.
- Communication above information
- Personalised publication
- Convergence of media becomes a future standard.
- A new understanding of the journalistic trade

Nothing is really new, but everything is open.

  In the age of Postmodernity and particularisation of individual interests it is at stake to analyse the existing from vantage points yet uncommon and to recombine the findings within the perspectives of new communication media. Resulting will be an openness, which allows for new structures to unfold. Its quality depends on the fluid combination of the media’s own stipulations.

Metropolis as well as village instead of just a global village.

  It is characteristic of metropolises to produce ever new cultural currents from its social and cultural variety and combinations of its inhabitants. Rural communities tend to both exclude such dynamic processes in favour of social and emotional stability as well as to assimilate the ‘other’. Therefore we favour the programmatic proposition: “Metropolis as well as village instead of a global village”.
Communication above information   Since everybody is able to publish from everywhere at anytime, transparency ought to become standard – a transparency which reveals personae and context. The quality of information is largely determined by the clarity of personal interests.
Personalised publication   “In the course of every life the very same questions reoccur over and over. That, which changes are the answers.” Octavio Paz, Mexican writer.
Central to the project are people who lay open their social and economical context.
The content published is attached to recognizable individuals, people, who represent their attitude towards life, their style and their commissioner too. People, the user can identify with, who are real, who can be contacted personally. To answer old questions with anew communication technology, to study the relevance of the broadcasted messages while posing the key question: “What, where and how is true life?” – this is the challenge.

What works for fictional storytelling can’t be wrong for reality.
Hence the profiling.
- Profiling of the editorial staff in order to tackle content and topical fields dramaturgically enhanced.
- Profiling of the web-users in order to manage a navigation that is personalised.
- Profiling of images and texts in order to organize hypertext and hyperpictures.
Convergence of media becomes a future standard.   There is a new media-wonder-word that sells hard to grasp media novelties: “Convergence”. Convergence denotes both the fusion of different media with regard to programme and production techniques as well as the fusion of formerly separated technologies and technical devices for the use of electronic Media. The notion of convergence strives to catch what slips the phrases Multimedia and Media Cross Over. Terms which are quickly wearing out.
A new understanding of the journalistic trade   Two parties – the journalists (whether TV, radio or print) and specialists of the net – speak different languages, use different methods and pursue different objectives.
The future job description of the content manager will have to obliterate these differences – journalists and net specialists belong to the same party.
Inasmuch as classical media could benefit from incorporating intelligent web-technologies and workflows, the net-technologies too would profit from the know-how of print, radio or TV maker. Here content management chiefly stands for journalistic analysis, structuring and filing of content in order to bring media and their technical tools in an convergent way to bear.
Aided by a strategic planning system a specialist of one media becomes a generalist overseeing multiple media – an answer to many attempts of fusion which so far mostly had to fail because the individuals who tried to execute cross media concepts still proofed to be tied to the media of their ‘own kin’. Both traditional and journalistic convergence tools were truly inexistent up till now.
This project’s producer focus their creative potential on their stock of ideas and the experiences made while struggling to relate issues throughout divers media. They dispense with the one-media journalist and make authors also become creative organisers and producers.
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